Learn How these two Brothers Built
a 193k Per Year Business and Travel the World

Discover the 9 Minute Daily Tasks They Do
To Run Their Business

Meet Shimmy...

Shimmy is 21 years old. He started selling online at 15, using eBay to make money.

Shimmy LOVES cars and photography, and has done professional photography for big events and car rallies.

Shimmy owns a 6-figure t-shirt company, writes and sells digital products, and now uses Amazon to grow his online empire. ​

Meet Josh...

Josh is 26 years old. He started selling digital products online at 17 using forums to promote his products. 

Josh loves reading, writing, meditating and going to events to meet like-minded people.

Josh now travels the world with his laptop and works online selling products on Amazon. ​

Dear Future Successful Business Owner,

In the last year we have built a business that now runs mostly on autopilot. It brings in over 20k per month and allows us to travel freely.

We both coach and consult business owners on starting and growing their businesses.

Me Teaching An Azon Uni Class

In the last year we've learned a great deal; we invested our time and we invested our money, knowing we wouldn't stop until success was reached. 

Now, we would like to share that success with you. We are happy to present all the lessons you need to create a successful business from home. ​

What do our clients say?

Barney Philips

Amazon Business Owner

"Shimmy was tremendous"

"He got me to a point where I was ready to start"

"It would have taken me years to learn"

"14 products onAmazon, selling very well"

"Highly recommend these guys, Shimmy, Josh, tremendous people"

"If you're thinking about​ using them, DO IT"

Sam Power

Life Coach & Business Owner

"He [Josh] is absolutely fantastic"

"Helped me setup my business"

"Without his help I wouldn't have what I've got with my business"

"He's got a real kind heart"

"Extremely grateful that I've met him"

"Highly recommend Josh"

Jack Wilson

Udemy Trainer

"These guys are awesome"

"Advice on course building ... Facebook ... advertising ... Amazon drop-shipping"

"These guys are incredible at what they do"

"Completely changed the way I think about my business"

"Thank you guys so much for all the help this past year"

Alastair Coward

Business Lecturer & Enterprise Manager

"Brilliant Course"

"Young people loved it"

"They've started up their amazon shop and started to flourish"

"The students find it easy to understand"

"I think they will be doing great things, thanks to Josh"

Noha Nasser

Amazon Business Owner

"Josh has really helped me set up my Amazon business"

"I'm up and live and selling my products"

"I've really enjoyed working with josh... he's hugely inspirational"

"I highly recommend him"

"Make a successful business just the way you want it"

Ivor Churcill

Amazon Business Owner

"Josh was great"

"He gave a lot of advice I wouldn't have found anywhere else"

"Really invaluable"

"I would really recommend him to anyone"

"Learn the process really well"

Suzy El Shalzly

Amazon Business Owner

"I've got my amazon live and online"

"I was absolutely blown away"

"He's been a massive contribution"

"Been a massive help"

"Thank you josh for everything you've helped me with"

"I would definitely say do it"

We have struggled. We were confused. We have been
in your shoes. 

We tried and failed many times. We used methods that got us nowhere. We had products that never sold; jobs that paid less than we deserved. We know how it feels.

We were stuck for a long time, always trying new things, never succeeding.

We had no idea what to do. We had dreams of traveling and being free, but no idea how to get there.

We Found Everything You Need

We decided to invest in training and we discovered there is great opportunity in making money online.

We focused on it 150%.

Why Does This Business Work?

This system allows you to easily set up a business from home and make extra income.

You can learn how to take your business up a notch with the best training possible and bring in even more income.

You can finally quit the corporate grind and replace your income. Never commute again. Be in control of how much work you do. Finally work on the things in life you enjoy.

Unlike university, this program will teach you how to actually produce a sustainable business, so you don’t have to go job hunting after you get your degree.

You can travel the world and work from anywhere on your laptop, take time off whenever you want, and enjoy your life.

We Were Finally FREE

Since we have money coming in every week and no boss to answer for, we can travel whenever we want and however long we want.

This Works...

Are you ready for complete transparency?

Here is our earnings every month from when we started selling in the UK marketplace until today.

July: Start selling in UK...

Aug: Reached £5k...out of stock

Sep: 5k again, out of stock AGAIN!!

£15,018.25 In Our First Three Months

Oct: Terrible month, lesson learned.

Nov: Achieved £9k

Dec: Broke £7k, out of stock! Ahhh

£32,714.60 In Our First SIX Months

Then It Got Fun

We Could Travel And Work At The Same Time...

January: Stable at £7.4k

While josh travelled to beautiful paris for two weeks of the month. And Shimmy went to ride Camels in Morocco. 

February: Up to £7.9k

While driving a mustang  around LA, Las Vegas, Nevada & San Fransisco. 

March: Hit £10K

While travelling to two countries and three cities. Amsterdam, Nice and Paris again (love that city). 

April: £11.2k and Growing

While Josh spent two weeks in Madrid, Spain soaking up the Spanish sun and enjoying lazy siestas.  

And Shimmy went to Switzerland to see the Geneva Motor show.

How Much In Total?

Added up, we made over £90,000 in the last year. Converted to dollars, thats over $129,000.

But That's Not All

While we were selling in the UK, we made another $113,127 in the US market. Added up, that totals about $242,000!

Just Shy of 1/4 a MILLION in
Total And We Did This While
Traveling The World

Now you know us. Who are you?

  • Have you always wanted to start a business or have an extra income?
  • Do you already own a business but want to take it to the next level?
  • Are you worried about your career? Do you want to improve your family life?
  • Maybe you are about to go into university or you just graduated?
  • Do you wish you could travel, afford exciting experiences, and enjoy life more?

It's Time To Show You
How We Did This



The Ultimate Course For Building A Successful Amazon Business

You Get...

10 Packed Out Modules

Private Facebook Group With Other Entrepenuers

81 Content Rich Easy-to-Follow Videos

36 In Depth Sub Modules

Cheat Sheets, Checklists And Secret Resources

And more...

Displays Beautifully on ALL Your Devices

What's In The Course?

Module 1: Profitable Products

Our carefully selected product criteria made us £10,000 a month from just one product. This is the most important section of the course. Start your journey on the right path and make money from the first step.

​Learn how to find profitable products with 5 minutes of research using well-known sites (video 1)

Discover a little known trick to find profitable keywords that will guarantee you sales (video 4)

Learn the 'competition & demand' formula that makes finding products easy and fun (video 6-7)

Learn our secret research tools and advanced research skills that we use for our clients and every new product we source (video 9-10)

Learn how to calculate your future profits so you risk nothing when making your first product choice. It's guaranteed to profit (video 13)

Module 2: The Amazon Console

Learn how to sign up and use Amazon's secret console. You will learn how to set up and start using Amazon's console so you can easily control your business from anywhere in the world.

Learn how to setup your Amazon console from the start so everything is easier moving forward

Discover why we think Amazon is actually really simple, and why we ignore most of what's inside the console

Download the Amazon setup checklist so you can easily get started with step-by-step instructions

Module 3: Supplier Secrets

Become a master of the shipping process with our resources and step-by-step guides that explain every element of the process. Watch us go through an order process and follow along with our easy to understand video walkthroughs. 

Learn how to be in the power position and get suppliers begging for your business (video 3)

Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls when it comes to finding and using suppliers

Learn how we get products from China to Amazon with just a few clicks of the mouse (video 5)

How we get 10x the Average Conversion Rate on Amazon

In the next module you will learn how to get 10x the average conversion rate. Higher conversions lead to more sales, better rankings, cheaper marketing costs and faster growth. It's essential to your business survival. 

Module 4: Amazon Profit Page

Learn how to create a best-selling listing that will get you unheard of conversions and sell 10x more products than any of your competitors.

Use my READY MADE high converting template so making a top selling listing is as easy as copy-paste

Learn how to craft the perfect images even if you don't have a camera or any photography skills

Learn how to put it all together and create a listing that looks incredible and outsells your competition by a mile

Module 5: Advanced Console

With step-by-step instructions and walkthroughs for every side of Amazon, you'll never be confused when you look inside the console. We take something complicated and make it easy. 

Learn which parts of the Amazon console to ignore, and which to focus on (video 1)

Learn how to communicate effectively with your customers when they start to roll in (video 2)

Learn the in depth side of your Amazon console so you can boost your sales and know your way around (video 3)

Learn how to setup basic advertising to get you started on the path of a passive income business (video 4)

Module 6: Sales Kickstart Method

So far things have been easy with our step-by-step walkthrough videos, now they begin to get really fun. We make it simple to kickstart those sales. With these kickstart methods your sales will flow in as soon as your page goes live.

Learn our secret that boosts you up the rankings with no extra work (video 1)

Start getting top quality reviews for your products that make you stand out and increase your conversions and sales (video 2)

Learn our two secret strategies that boost our sales up every time and leave us higher and higher in the rankings (video 3-4)

When you reach this stage
in the course, you will be
making £1-2k a month

Now we will teach you how to scale it to £10-20k and beyond

Module 7: Rapid Ranking System 

Sometimes you just need a boost. With this ranking system your listing will fly up the page and overtake the toughest of competitors. You will also show up high on Google and other search engines with these advanced methods. 

Learn how to optimize your page for Google rankings without lifting a finger (video 1)

Learn how to get news sites to promote your business for you with press releases (video 2)

Learn how to quickly and easily set up a brand website and blog to get even more traffic to your pages (video 3)

Module 8: Advanced Sales Boosts

We reveal our best strategies to boost sales. We debated whether or not to share this module with you, but for full transparency we let you have it.  

Learn how to use Google advertising to send targeted traffic to your page cheaply and easily (video 1)

Learn how to use Facebook to send hot buyers to your pages and keep them coming for pennies a click (video 2)

Learn how Amazon can boost you to the top of any listing and send you traffic day in, day out (video 3)

Learn how to track and improve your ads so you keep improving and growing your profits every day (video 4)

Module 9: Total Profit Takeover 

Learn how to analyze every aspect of your business and tweak it in the smallest ways to create the biggest profit. With these tests and tweaks you will completely overhaul your business and create even more income. 

Discover how to track your numbers and grab my private tracking spreadsheet for FREE (video 1)

Learn how to keep your business in check and make sure your profits are always coming in and growing (video 2)

Learn how to keep improving your business even when its gone beyond anything you ever hoped for (video 3)

At this stage you can be making
£10-25k per month 

In the final module you'll learn how your
business can grow with little effort.

Module 10: Long-Term Growth 

Now your business is ready to grow even more. Learn how to outsource, move to new markets, and grow your brand. With this last module you will create a business that grows itself wether you work one day or one hour a month. 

Use our advanced branding techniques to turn your little business into a massive brand (video 1)

Learn the advanced customer service secrets that will make your customers rave about your business and grow it for you (video 2)

Start replicating yourself and hiring help to take care of all the little tasks that you don't want to do anymore (video 3)

Learn how to double your sales in 7 days by coming to a new market with the same product (video 4)

"Wow! So What's My
Investment For All This?" 

The price we offer today is our introductory special price, and it's going to change. 

But it's okay, we made it affordable. 

It's less than other courses that are on sale for $4000+

It's less than how much we charge just ONE consulting client for ONE session (and you get lifetime access to 10+ hours of consulting material)

If you tried this on your own without this course, you would spend $5000+ on testing just to see if something works. 

All of this at an Incredible Price

It would cost $285 a session for us to coach you personally. Each module would be one session, so thats $2850 real value

It cost us $15,000 in costs to test this stuff and find the system that works

You can go from zero to $195,000 just by following the steps in this course.

If you already have a successful business, these tactics will double or triple your sales

The price we will offer this course for is $1997 when we get feedback, case studies and income results from our clients

Right Now You Get
Early-Bird Access

During the early-bird phase we are looking to turn our initial customers into huge success stories to build up feedback for the course. 

If you're a person that takes advantage of an opportunity then this is for you. Or you could wait a while to see the results of others, and pay more for the course.

As a part of this offer you won’t pay $1997, you won’t pay half that, you won’t even pay a quarter.

99% Risk Free

I’m not gonna lie. You could check this out, soak in the information, and then do nothing with it. In this case, it just won't work for you. 

That's up to you, and I’ll happily refund you.

You have a full 30 days to check out the course and even if you slack off for a month, you can still check out the whole product and decide if you want to keep it.


You have a full 30 days to try this out. If it doesn't work for you or you want a refund for any reason then you can get a no-questions asked refund. 

Just send us an email to let us know, and we will give you a full refund. ​

You Already KNOW this is a
GREAT Opportunity

You have 30 days to try it out and see if you want to keep it.

You can see our proof of how much we’ve earned.

You know Amazon is a huge opportunity, and you want a slice of the 80 Billion Dollar Pie.

You want to learn how to set up a successful business, and this is the most concise packed out course available.

It's Time to Change

You likely have a job you hate and a grimace on your face every morning as you contemplate the day ahead.

You want to to prove to your family you can make money online and make the change in your life you always wanted. 

You want to be free to spend time with the ones you love, family and friends instead of being a slave to the 'system'. 

This is What You Get
When You Enroll

Access To AzonUni Members Area - 10 Modules of rich content - cheat sheets, checklists and resources - $197 (previously sold)

Interactive Course - We tailor make the course for your needs and constantly improve it as if I was consulting you privately - $2850 (cost of 10 coaching sessions)

Total Value: $3047

Today we slash $2,550 off the price, so you can get early-bird access. 

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Are you ready to build your
successful business?

We can't wait to see you inside the members area. We look forward to being with you on your journey to having a successful business.

See you on the inside!

Joshua & Shimmy Morris

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